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    Wall Art

Lacuno Art is a contemporary line of interlocking wall panels that work to influence and transform any space into a luxury and timeless space for living.

Lacuno Art wall panels are a lightweight and durable product. When installed they create a seamless and textured piece of wall art that creatively manipulates any space through a fine balance of new materials and technology. Lacuno Art wall panels help to define living spaces and influence human interaction with the ultimate goal of enhancing the visual experience for those who interact in these designed spaces.

Lacuno Art wall panels are made from specially formulated gypsum plaster and modified cement. When aligned together they create a seamless wall treatment. The panels are available in a number of dimensions, perfect for small or large scale design projects.

Lacuno Art Panels

Lacuno Art wall panels can also be a customizable product at no additional cost. Any design idea can come to life easily and flawlessly through our technologically advanced computer generated design simulation, allowing a designer to create a custom atmosphere for any space. To obtain a quote or place an order, please contact us directly.

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