About Us

Who We Are

Babbingtons Mould & Trim Inc. is a custom manufacturer and designer of premium plaster mouldings targeting renovators, architects, designers and homebuilders for over two decades.

From idea generation to production, any aesthetic design can be achieved through technologically advanced computer generated design simulation and on-site manufacturing.

The company has pioneered a process that uses specially formulated Gypsum plaster to create a strong flexible and lightweight mould and trim for both interior and exterior use. Babbingtons’ offers uncompromising service.


Roberto Mangoni, President

President Roberto Mangoni prides the launch of Lacuno Art panels on his ability to work with designers to create products that help to execute beautifully designed and dramatic spaces. His motto is that walls serve as the backdrop to living spaces. A well-chosen panel incorporated into a designed space can be blended to showcase interesting features such as fixtures, furniture, and art pieces that can make any space a contemporary work of art.